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The New BUNKER BOXES are packed with gear to get the job done. 

Bunker Boxes come in two styles: The TOP Bunk and the BOTTOM Bunk. Each one is designed by us here at Treasure Island Media, because we know what gets men hard, keeps men hard, gets a guy going, and keeps him going. 

The TOP Bunk holds 6 items that have been curated by us:  A month supply of supplements to get you hard, lube to keep it real slick, and toys for exploring your limits.

The TOP Bunk includes two new boner-enhancing liquid shooters from Voodoo3. Made by the same folks who make Maxfuel, the Voodoo3 shooters are 2 ounce bottle of power, and contain CBD!  Each TOP Bunk contains a watermelon flavor and a wild grape flavor. If you think they're two strong, try mixing them into your workout smoothie or cocktail!

Next, we give you two amazing supplements from Swiss Navy: MaxLoad pills and MaxSize cream. MaxLoad pills will increase increase how much cum you produce, so be prepared to really feel your balls churning after a week. You'll be getting a 1 -month supply of MaxLoad in the TOP Bunk!  Now, MaxSize cream is like nothing youi've tried before. It's specially-formulate topical cream that actually brings the key ingredient - Superba Butea - through the first dermal layers into your cock to elp plump it up.

Speaking of big and hard, you're getting an Ultimate Tread Cockring. It's a man-sized enhancer that's thick and stretchy, so it's going to push your package out while it keeps you hard as hell.

Now, if you're feeling like a dom top, have we got the tool for you! T he TOP Bunk comes with the Tantus Tawse Punishment Tool. It looks a little wicked, doesn't it? Well, this dual-tailed impact toy makes one hell of a THWACK when you bang it on the counter, and if your sub is into it, the Tawse tails will certainly leave red marks! And here's a cool tip: The handle is designed to be a small butt plug, too, so you you can shove it in your sweet bottom and give him a dragon tail.

Now, who fucks without good lube? For this special version of the TOP Bunk, we'll be sending you a generous bottle of Swiss Navy Anal Lube. It's a thick silicone formula with juuuuuust a touch of clove oil that gives off a nice seasonal scent, all the while numbing - oh, so slightly - a bottom's rump.

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