Stash Crate 2

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$180+ Value (3 DVD's, TIM Swag, TIM Gear)

Stash SPRING 2018 Crate - Destroying Logan Moore

The quarterly boxes are hand packed by Paul Morris team of pornographers and is loaded up with cool stuff from the studio, plus other items TIM thinks their fans are going to enjoy.

If you were lucky enough to grab the Spring crate, it was a doozy, and included items like:

  • Treasure Island Media's newest DVD, DESTROYING LOGAN MOORE, plus two hand-picked additional DVDs
  • TIMGEAR Jock
  • a Bottle of popp... er, Cleaner
  • Our new Sextant Collector pin
  • Our new Holographic Sticker
  • Our new Sextant Drawstring bag
  • Cock Hounds DVD
  • Eric Raw Fucks #4 DVD
  • ...and even more!

I effin love you guys! This is great! This is exactly what me and my cock need on a quarterly basis! Thank you!
Three hot DVDs, a great cock ring and some TIM Gear, and a whole bunch of extra stuff. Well worth the modest cost!
I can't believe how much cool stuff is in this bitch! Holy fucking christ. I wish I coul dadd a pic here. Fucking amazing, man!!!
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