Stash Crate 1

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$180+ Value (3 DVD's, TIM Swag, TIM Gear)


We are excited to give you your inaugural TIM STASH CRATE.   As a subscriber, you’ve claimed your undeniable freedom to seek pleasure with men -- to have sex however, whenever, and wherever you please.  In celebration of your freedom and desires, we’ve assembled  a hand-picked box of treasures that we believe you are going to love!   

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Legendary Stud Drew Sebastian - There are studs and then there are guys like DREW. From his deep-chested voice all the way down to the bloated ballsack swinging beneath his stallion-like fuckstick, this dude drips the kind of, "I'll fuckin rearrange your guts!" essence you've only dreamt of.

TIMFUCK VOLUME 12 - Not even released yet in our store (as of this printing)!  it’s only available to STASH CRATE subscribers!  It’s several exclusive scenes from our membership site


SDSTW #3 - For a true cocksucker, his mouth is an extension of the cock he's worshiping. The cock and the mouth are two parts of a perfect male sex organ, each incomplete without the other. Connecting mouth and cock is the essential step, a basic fact of life for a man---like breathing and eating, a man has to suck or be sucked. It's a basic necessity, a male human right. And because it's a necessity, it's political. Hence SUCK DICK / SAVE THE WORLD. 

COCK - Not even released yet in our store (as of this printing)!  it’s only available to STASH CRATE subscribers!  COCK is a brand new collection of some of our favorite men showing off their dicks and huge cumloads for you. 

TIMGEAR Black Scrimmage Socks -  We know you’re going to love our wool blend socks.  They’re from our TIM-Gear  subsidiary, makers of gay men’s underwear, accessories, and nightlife clothing.

TIMFUCK.COM - As if four hot movies aren’t enough to get your juices flowing, we’re including a Free TIMPASS membership card, giving you unlimited access to all of our brand new releases and hundreds upon hundreds of exclusive scenes. 

Just head to: https://members.treasureisland... with your code and prepare to be blown away!

OXBALLS Humpballs Cockring - There’s no way around it, we fucking love the sleazy fucks at Oxballs! And they love TIM fans -- so much so, that they practically begged to let us include their cockrings in our crates.  There’s no begging needed though, boys.  With good reason, we carry a full lineup of Oxballs toys in our store.  Quality, safety, and raunchy fun.  What more could a man want?  

TIM Stickers - We’re tossing in a random assortment of TIM stickers, including our newest sticker sheet (not yet available anywhere else)  so that you can tag your favorite spots with some TIM love!

Treasure Island Collector Pin - For a limited time, we’ve stopped selling these pins to the public, making them only available to Stash Crate subscribers.  Each  of our deluxe die-struck metal pins are individually handcrafted in brass, then nickel plated, antique finished, and polished to bring out intricate design details. They're sexy, distinctive, and tough as nails -- truly TIM-worthy collector items.

CUMSHOT Glasses  - Our full 1 ounce TIM CUMSHOT is perfect for your favorite spirits, or for catching loads, piss - whatever your pleasure. BOTTOMS UP, you filthy fucker!

Happy Pornsgiving to me! This is the best purchase I've made in a while - thank you, TIM!
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