Who ever thought up the sdstw flag is a genius. It's like piggy Christmas every time I get a box!! - Aaron L, Missouri
"Don't have a video to upload, but wanted to say, LOVED receiving
my StashCrate, great stuff in it, really worth the money. Love everything you guys do, wish I were a skinny young guy so I could be power bottom in one of your videos, so hot!" - Randy
I've gotten a few of these crates and I love them. Keep 'em coming!
crate for real men who love real porn its about fu**ing time! Go TIM!!! Free trial on the site showed me what what i was missing - kingc*ck87
filthy, discreet, awesome...nice that TIM still cares about people who aren't into memberships. coolest package ive ever gotten in the mail, i now use the box to hold my c-rings! poster signed by kenny host was awesome. hubby loved the cologne. lifelong fan!! - brklyncumfu**er
#Stashcrates time once again and WOW. Look at all this dick- slinging swag!! Thanks as always @TIMPorn @paulmorrisTIM @diceinpdxxx @stashcrates pic.twitter.com/881UshNsLN
— BamaBarecub (@BamaBarecub) February 26, 2019
Your @TIMGEARclothing is anything but meh, @TIMPorn.

And let's face facts: with @TIMFuckXXX tapes and goodies galore in your @stashcrates, you never fail to make my nights better.

You make my balls emptier, admittedly, but I think that's a good part of making my nights better. pic.twitter.com/7nVruUfU72
— Raw Bottom (@RawLoadsTaken) May 8, 2018
dont want 2 spoil it....but got a movie that wasn't even out yet. If u love TIM, u must try this - Brianfuxhard
Wow - this is such a cool site!
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