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The New BUNKER BOXES are packed with gear to get he job done. 

Bunker Boxes come in two styles: The TOP Bunk and the BOTTOM Bunk. Each one is designed by us here at Treasure Island Media, because we know what gets men hard, keeps men hard, gets a guy going, and keeps him going. 

The BOTTOM Bunk holds 6 items that have been curated by us:  A month supply of supplements to get you hard, lube to keep it real slick, and toys for exploring your limits.

The BOTTOM Bunk includes 2 Mutiny "solvent cleaners." It's our most popular formula!

Next, we give you a 1-month supply of the amazing fiber supplement Pure for Men. PFM helps a bottom be ready to take it. One of the best fiber supplements on the market, it helps with digestive health as well as keeping the fuck tunnel clear. Chia, Flaxseed, Psyllium Husk, and Aloe Vera.

Speaking of being ready and training your hole, we're sending you a Leather Pride-themed butt plug - the "Power Play" plug by  Avant. Made of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone, this taped, satin-smooth ass tool will open you up, prepping you for a more intense gaping experience, or you can just keep it inside your for a long, long time, since the base anchors will keep it in place!

Now, to keep you hard while you're taking it, you're getting an Ultimate Tread Cockring. It's a man-sized enhancer that's thick and stretchy, so it's going to push your package out while it keeps you hard as hell.

Now, who fucks without good lube? For this special version of the BOTTOM Bunk, we'll be sending you a generous bottle of Swiss Navy Anal Lube. It's a thick silicone formula with juuuuuust a touch of clove oil that gives off a nice seasonal scent, all the while numbing - oh, so slightly - your rump.

Not to be outdone are the Gripper Nipple Suckers from OxBalls. These nipple tuggers have some fierce suction, and they are more of a "tool" than a "toy"!

***Please Note: The Bottom Bunk Box containing the Mutiny cleaners can only be shipped to domestic US customers. International customers who order this box will be sent 2 Voodoo3 CBD Liquid Boner Shooters as a replacement!***

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